Secarma has today launched a £500,000 Support Fund to help charities protect themselves from cybersecurity threats.

The Charity Support Fund initiative will enable vulnerable charities to strengthen their security at a time where opportunistic criminals are defrauding individuals and organisations on a unprecedented level.

Technical Director, Holly Grace Williams said “All charities need cybersecurity, no more so than now, when there is a heightened level of online criminal activity”.

“We know the charity sector has taken a hit due to the impact of Covid-19, and we want to ensure that the cost of maintaining secure websites, applications and ensuring critical and sensitive information is safe, is not prohibitive.”

“The Charity Support Fund is designed to help charities get the security they need, where it might otherwise be cost-prohibitive or overlooked for other priorities at this time.”

“We’ve created this fund to enable charities to be pro-active in defending against online criminals, as these threats have to be taken seriously”


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