What we test

The most common issues identified by our configuration review services are:

  1. Missing Security Updates: in addition to flaws in the network (HTTP, FTP etc.) we look for threats in local-only software (Java, Silverlight, Adobe etc.) which increase options for attackers using Phishing techniques.
  2. Weak Passwords: offline brute-force analysis of password hashes provides a true depiction of password strength.
  3. Local Privilege Escalation: we will uncover routes that a low privileged user could use to gain full control over the target.

A configuration review is recommended when you are:

  • Developing a new ‘gold’ build for workstations or servers: always consult security experts before rolling out your new build, to detect flaws before they can be exploited
  • Reviewing your firewall configuration and rule-set: regular reviews ensure this essential part of your security apparatus is effective
  • Evaluating a new security appliance (e.g. Switch, Firewall, IDS): ask vendors to submit devices for assessment during any procurement process
  • Assessing high availability devices for their security: configuration reviews are a non-invasive assessment, so you can be confident that the device will function normally throughout the process


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