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We’ll help you build security awareness into your organisation, and make it part of your culture.

We create threat campaigns that are specifically designed to target your staff. The goal can be to gather anonymous statistics (i.e. how many people clicked a link), or to discover who would enter their password into the site after clicking the link. This will indicate the level of knowledge and how to best address this going forward.

We also run online security awareness training, to embed an awareness of how your company may be targeted through social engineering, and to help you mitigate the risks associated.

  • Email-Based Phishing Campaign: ‘for phishing’ emails, and their more targeted counterpart, ‘spear phishing’
  • Telephone Social Engineering: over the phone, attackers convince the victim that they are genuine, so that they disclose information. Our brains are designed to trust and help people, and it’s that nature that is being exploited.
  • Physical Site Assessment: the most direct approach used by criminals is to walk into your premises and convince your staff that they should be there. Once inside, the aim is connect to networks or focus on other targets.
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering: key to the above scenarios is the gleaning of information about your staff from the internet. All this personal data helps to craft the scenarios used to assess and overcome staff


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Why Secarma

We love what we do, and we’re passionate about cybersecurity. We continuously invest in research, technology, our people, and the depth of security services we offer.

Every company we partner with gets the full Secarma experience, where we get to know your fears, your challenges and your business goals. Our accredited consultants then deliver a truly bespoke experience to ensure your ongoing peace of mind.

It’s through our decades of training and experience, that we’re able to help protect your business.

  • EXPERIENCE Deep understanding of penetration testing, application security, cybersecurity & training.

  • METHODOLOGY Tailored, finely-tuned, in-house methodologies based on industry best practice.

  • VALUE We treat all clients as partners, and you'll have ongoing access to our consultancy team.

  • EDUCATION We help embed a culture of security, and teach developers how to think like hackers.

Secarma Accreditations Crest Accredited IT Health Check Service ISO 9001 IS0 27001 Cyber Essentials Accreditation