Workshop Overview

During the session, we will build an impartial picture of your business challenges and the key assets you need to protect, facilitate discussion around a range of specific attack scenarios you could face and look at how you would currently respond to them. Our consultants will use their expertise to help identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend changes to your current processes to address them.

Our consultants are bound to confidentiality and will sign a non-disclosure agreement, giving you the opportunity to speak openly about any concerns you have regarding your current security strategy. In doing so, you will gain true insight into how a hacker thinks and the areas they would most likely target within your organisation.

Following the session, we will summarise the issues discussed and provide a list of recommended priorities to take away and help you make decisions about next steps for your organisation.

Additionally, you also have the option to request a more detailed report for onward discussion with the wider business – presented in a way that will enable you to act on the recommendations immediately with whichever security partner you choose to work with.

At the end of the workshop you will:

  • Have received impartial, on the spot advice on any issues raised within the session
  • Be armed with data points to enable clarity around any wider security conversations that may be needed within your organisation
  • Walk away with recommendations on further reading materials around your key challenges
  • Have a clear list of recommended actions to take and a view on priority focus areas – designed to enable you to act on them immediately with your security partner of choice

Pre-Session Preparation

Each Cybersecurity Half-Day Workshop is designed to be bespoke to the challenges of the organisation and the level of expertise of attendees. To get the most out of your session, we encourage attendees to come prepared with key information in relation to their business to help facilitate the discussion. Nothing too arduous, but a little prep goes a long way to maximising the benefit gained from the session.

Please consider:

  • What do you think is the weakest spot in your network today?
  • What key information you are trying to protect? E.g. personal data, credit card/financial details, intellectual property, industrial machinery et cetera
  • What would happen if malware infected a user’s workstation today and your current anti-virus software was unable to catch it?
  • What do your users mostly complain about when it comes to enforcing security policies (e.g. passwords, software or internet restrictions)? Do you think users might have found ways to bypass them?

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