The key benefits

No company is ever fully secure, but by putting robust security measures in place you deter all but the most skilled and determined attackers. However, even with these measures in place, it’s important that you test your security on a regular basis.

Conducting penetration testing is an essential part in keeping your business protected against the latest attack techniques, in protecting your critical assets and to ensure you are as protected as you can be against malicious threat actors.

But these aren’t the only benefits that pen testing can bring:

  • Mitigate attacks before they happen
  • Manage risks
  • Validate security posture and controls
  • Optimise investment in cybersecurity
  • Highlight business weaknesses through the eyes of an attacker
  • Identify vulnerabilities that are impossible to detect through automated security systems

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What we test

Infrastructure – Attackers can lie undetected in your network for months, giving them access to a wealth of sensitive company data. It’s therefore vital that you review your network thoroughly and regularly.

Web application – Web applications often communicate directly with your internal database and can provide a way into your internal systems for malicious hackers.

Mobile application – With a surge in mobile application development, and developers under time pressure to provide new functionality, attacks and breaches have dramatically increased.

Database security – Database testing is vital if you rely on the security of the information held within your databases, or have concerns relating to security compliance.

ICS – The threat against Industrial Control Systems, SCADA, and Critical National Infrastructure has never been greater. Are you doing all you can to protect your systems?

IoT – Connected devices can often be insecure and can provide a way in for hackers. Testing needs to be incorporated throughout the development cycle as well as before adoption.

Wireless – If an attacker can gain access onto any of the wireless networks within your business (even the ones you don’t know about), they can begin to target internal systems.

Our approach

Penetration testing - Understanding requirementsStage 1: Understanding your requirements
After an initial call with an experienced account manager, we will send you a pre-acquisition questionnaire to fill out. This will explore your test requirements and your system.
Penetration testing - ProposalStage 2: Proposal
No two penetration tests are the same and our consultants will provide you with a bespoke test proposal based on the information gathered from the requirements stage.Penetration testing - PrerequisitesStage 3: Prerequisites
Before testing commences we will send you a prerequisite checklist, this outlines all required authorisations and approvals from third parties which need to be obtained.

Penetration testing - TestingStage 4: Testing
Penetration testing can be done remotely, or onsite if needed. Either way, our consultants are contactable throughout the process and will work to your communication requirements.
Penetration testing - ReportingStage 5: Reporting
At the end of the test our consultants will put together a detailed report of their findings, rating the vulnerabilities they have discovered and giving you their recommendations.
Penetration Testing - Post-test supportStage 6: Post-test support
Our support doesn’t stop after the report has been delivered and our security consultants will be available to discuss the findings even after the test has been completed.

Why choose Secarma?

We love what we do, and we’re passionate about cybersecurity. We have continuously invested in research, technology, our people, and the depth of security services we offer.

Every company we partner with gets the full Secarma experience, where we get to know your fears, your challenges and your business goals. Our accredited consultants then deliver a truly bespoke experience to ensure your ongoing peace of mind.

It’s through our decades of training and experience, that we’re able to help protect your business.

  • Experience Established in 2001, we’ve performed thousand of penetration tests for companies of all sizes

  • Expertise A team of ethical hacking specialists, providing best-in-class cybersecurity services to organisations across the globe

  • Support Our dedicated team are here to support you throughout the testing process and beyond

Secarma Accreditations Crest Accredited IT Health Check Service ISO 9001 IS0 27001 Cyber Essentials Accreditation