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What we test

Our wireless network assessments take place on-site and will locate weaknesses in the configuration of any wireless technologies that could enable unauthorised access.

Our team’s approach is typically from a black-box perspective, where we would have no prior information about your network. This presents a real-life hacking scenario and an opportunity to test for rogue access points that may have been installed, and also whether less secure Wi-Fi networks can provide an avenue to the corporate network.

Regular testing should be a continual process, for ongoing assurance that no new flaws exist since the previous assessment.

The following represents the three most commonly found weaknesses in wireless networks:

  1. Encryption protocols: wireless encryption protocols are the first line of defence for a wireless network. If an attacker can crack the encryption then they can gain access to the network.
  2. Passwords: the PSK acts as a password to authenticate a user to the network. Passwords that are weak, or not stored securely, offer an easy avenue onto the network for an attacker.
  3. Segregation: weak or absent network segregation can lead to the disclosure of sensitive data; access to, or compromise of, internal systems; and the targeting of internal users.

Why Secarma

We love what we do, and we’re passionate about cybersecurity. We continuously invest in research, technology, our people, and the depth of security services we offer.

Every company we partner with gets the full Secarma experience, where we get to know your fears, your challenges and your business goals. Our accredited consultants then deliver a truly bespoke experience to ensure your ongoing peace of mind.

It’s through our decades of training and experience, that we’re able to help protect your business.

  • EXPERIENCE Deep understanding of penetration testing, application security, cybersecurity & training.

  • METHODOLOGY Tailored, finely-tuned, in-house methodologies based on industry best practice.

  • VALUE We treat all clients as partners, and you'll have ongoing access to our consultancy team.

  • EDUCATION We help embed a culture of security, and teach developers how to think like hackers.

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