The key benefits

Red teaming is a goal based exercise and our expert consultants will simulate the actions of a malicious hacker, utilising weaknesses in any aspect of your organisation – including your network, applications, people and the physical security of your facilities.

Assessments have a much broader scope than a traditional pen test, with the team seeking to fully compromise the target whilst remaining undetected.

  • The gold standard in offensive security testing
  • Simulates a real-world threat
  • Test the security measures your company has put in place
  • Evaluates your ability to detect, protect and respond to an attack

Red team terminology

From scoping to social engineering, our helpful glossary gives you all the terms you need to know.

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What we test

A red team exercise can be thought of as a compilation of our core services into one formidable package.

Our expert consultants follow a vulnerability through from discovery and exploitation, through to the detection and mitigation capabilities of your security architecture.

This can include the following:


Threat Intelligence: our OSINT service fingerprints an organisation to detect leaked information and potential weak points

Technical Knowledge: our penetration testing specialists find flaws in your infrastructure and applications

Human Analysis: social engineering services simulate (spear) phishing scenarios as well as physical entry to your facilities

Physical Analysis: we will assess your site security from the perspective of on-site attacks

Our approach

Red team - stage 1

Stage 1: Outline goals, scope and prerequisites

Our dedicated team will work with you to understand the goals of your upcoming red teaming engagement, discuss any elements that should be considered out of scope and document any potential prerequisites before the test begins.

Red Team - Stage 2

Stage 2: Testing

Using a combination of threat analysis, technical knowledge, human analysis and physical analysis our team will start testing your organisation, looking for ways in which to achieve the goal.

Red Team - Stage 3

Stage 3: Ongoing communication

Communication is key throughout red team testing and our team will provide feedback throughout the engagement. Whether that be a daily wash up of activity, communication on key milestones or once the goal has been attained.

Red Team - Stage 4

Stage 4: Reporting

At the end of the test, clients will receive a detailed report on the methods used by our team. This will outline all routes taken and explain how our team ultimately managed to complete their goal.

Red Team - Stage 5

Stage 5: Post-test support

Our support doesn’t stop after the report has
been delivered and our security consultants will be
available to discuss the findings even after
the test has been completed.

Why Secarma

We love what we do, and we’re passionate about cybersecurity. We continuously invest in research, technology, our people, and the depth of security services we offer.

Every company we partner with gets the full Secarma experience, where we get to know your fears, your challenges and your business goals. Our accredited consultants then deliver a truly bespoke experience to ensure your ongoing peace of mind.

It’s through our decades of training and experience, that we’re able to help protect your business.

  • Experience Established in 2001 we have performed numerous red teaming assessments on companies of all sizes.

  • Expertise Our ethical hacking specialists provide best-in-class offensive cybersecurity testing services to organisations across the globe.

  • Support Our dedicated team are here to support you throughout the testing process and beyond.

Secarma Accreditations Crest Accredited IT Health Check Service ISO 9001 IS0 27001 Cyber Essentials Accreditation